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29th May 2013

• How old are you? 22
• What time zone are you in? Eastern
• What is your summoner name? Hackydunk
• What division are you currently in? Diamond 1
• What position are you applying for? Support
• What champions do you have to play in that role? all
• What do you feel you can bring to the team? A strong support role with shot calling for bot lane and a willingness to improve and make it somewhere
• Do you have any tournament experience? Minimal
• What is your current availability? Available all day currently. Soon I will start some summer class for a few hours each day in the middle of the day
• In your own words tell me about yourself and why you would like to join the team. I've put much time and effort into LoL and I would like to find some like-minded individuals to join in a team with to try to make it big.
Forum » Applications » New Applications
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