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1st Jun 2013

• How old are you? 20
• What time zone are you in? Arizona
• What is your summoner name? xBLAQx Panda
• What division are you currently in? D2
• What position are you applying for? Mid or fill. I can adapt change and focus.
• What champions do you have to play in that role? By far my best is Syndra(mid), Quinn (adc), Blitz(supp), rengar/sej(jung), and garen/fiora(top)
• What do you feel you can bring to the team? diverse knowledge of different builds and champion strenghts weaknesses. I can also fill any position fairly well and am very open to improving on gameplay.
• Do you have any tournament experience? None for league except some tourneys at the local game shack and tourneys in shadowrun.
• What is your current availability? Varies greatly but am very flexible if given certain times.
• In your own words tell me about yourself and why you would like to join the team. I have for a long time been a very good player. I feel like I am ready for a new level of play and am getting bored of the current level. This team offers me a chance to improve in the game and something to work towards.
• Do you share the same goals as mentioned above in both sort and long-term goals? If yes, please add a little more as to why these are your goals and why it is important to you. I love this game it has been my favorite for a long time. I have dedicated myself to learning every aspect of the game I can and absolutely love theory crafting. I will dedicate myself to the team and see how far we can go.
Extra info you consider to be useful.
I am only Diamond 2 but I know I could be D1 within a week if I set myself to it. The only reason I do not play more ranked is because I enjoy playing with my friends in normals. I am excited for this team cause it gives me a chance to work with equal and better players to expand my current skills and knowledge.
Forum » Applications » New Applications
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